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Kulkarni Legal Services (KLS) is pleased to announce the launch of our law firm’s blog.  The blog’s contents will focus on topics that fall under employment law or estate planning.  The blog is only a resource, and should not be deemed as legal advice by the reader.  Every situation and circumstance is different, and may require a careful legal review by an attorney.  Please contact us if you need assistance.

A “Must Do” for all college-bound kids: Power of Attorney – Healthcare and Financial

It is an exciting time for high school seniors.  College admissions are in, and now it is time to make the first of many important decisions in a soon to be young adult’s life.  As May 1st, the college decision day soon approaches, each family with a senior is probably experiencing excitement, anxiety, stress, relief, and so much more.  Some children will stay home or stay close to home, and others will move across the country to pursue their dream.  After decision day, comes graduation day, summer, and time to move into the college dorms, and say tearful goodbyes. Read More